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FBS #4 Fine Line Tape 1/4" x 80 yrds, 48420

FBS #4 Fine Line Tape 1/4" x 80 yrds, 48420

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The FBS #4 Fine Line Tape is a specialized masking tape primarily used in automotive detailing and painting applications. It is designed for creating precise and clean lines during painting processes.

Key details about the FBS #4 Fine Line Tape, sized at 1/4" x 80 yards, include:

  1. Precise Masking: Specifically engineered for precise outlining and masking, allowing for clean paint lines.

  2. Width and Length: Comes in a width of 1/4 inch (approximately 6.35 millimeters) and a length of 80 yards, offering an ample supply for various projects.

  3. Automotive Use: Commonly employed in the automotive industry for detailing, pinstriping, and creating sharp edges and outlines in paint jobs.

  4. Residue-Free Removal: Designed to be cleanly and easily removed without leaving adhesive residue behind, ensuring a clean finish after paint application.

  5. Flexible and Conformable: Typically made of flexible materials to conform to curves, shapes, and irregular surfaces, maintaining precision in masking.

The FBS #4 Fine Line Tape, at 1/4" width and 80 yards length, is a valuable tool in achieving clean and accurate masking lines, especially in automotive painting and detailing, providing accuracy and precision for professional paint jobs.

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