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SATA RPS Cup System

SATA RPS Cup System

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The SATA RPS (Rapid Preparation System) Cup System is a painting system designed for efficiency and convenience in automotive and industrial painting applications. It features disposable cups that connect directly to the spray gun, eliminating the need for traditional paint pots and reducing cleaning time. Key features and benefits include:

  • Rapid paint preparation and clean-up, enhancing overall productivity.
  • Disposable cups reduce the need for solvent use during cleaning, making it an environmentally friendly option.
  • The system is designed for direct application, allowing painters to mix paint in the cup, snap on the lid, and start spraying.
  • Integrated filter screens within the cups to ensure paint purity and prevent contamination.
  • Versatile adapters available for compatibility with a wide range of spray gun models.
  • Offers precise paint mixing and easy storage of leftover paint.
  • Enhances the painting process by reducing the chance of air entrapment and paint contamination.
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