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Carborundum Mirror Finish 6" Film Disc 50/box

Carborundum Mirror Finish 6" Film Disc 50/box

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The Carborundum Mirror Finish 6" Film Discs are precision abrasive discs used for sanding and finishing applications. Sold in a box containing 50 discs, these specialized abrasives are designed for achieving a high-quality mirror-like finish on various surfaces.

Key features of the Carborundum Mirror Finish 6" Film Discs include:

  1. Precision Sanding: These discs are engineered to provide precise sanding and finishing capabilities, ensuring a mirror-like finish on different materials.

  2. Film Backing: The discs are typically backed by a film material that offers flexibility and durability during sanding, conforming well to different contours and shapes.

  3. 6" Diameter: Designed in a 6-inch diameter size, suitable for use with compatible sanders and ideal for covering a good surface area during sanding applications.

  4. Abrasiveness: They are formulated to offer consistent abrasiveness and performance throughout the sanding process, ensuring uniformity and a smooth finish.

  5. Versatile Use: Suitable for various industries and applications such as woodworking, automotive refinishing, metalworking, and other precision sanding needs.

These discs, known for their ability to provide a high-quality mirror finish, are suitable for professionals requiring precise and refined sanding results in various industries and applications.

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