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3P Flexi Film Longboard Abrasive Sheets 2.75”x 16.5”

3P Flexi Film Longboard Abrasive Sheets 2.75”x 16.5”

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The 3P Flexi Film Longboard Abrasive Sheets are elongated, flexible abrasive sheets designed for longboard sanding applications. Measuring 2.75 inches in width and 16.5 inches in length, these sheets are crafted from a flexible film material, suitable for manual sanding tools like longboards or sanding blocks.

Key features of the 3P Flexi Film Longboard Abrasive Sheets include:

  1. Longboard Sanding Compatibility: These abrasive sheets are specifically tailored for use with longboards, which are elongated sanding tools ideal for sanding flat or broad surfaces efficiently.

  2. Flexible Film Construction: Constructed from a flexible and durable film material, these sheets can conform well to various surfaces, ensuring smoother and more consistent sanding results.

  3. Manual Sanding: While suitable for use with longboards, these sheets are intended for manual sanding, requiring the user to move the sandpaper back and forth manually for surface preparation and finishing.

  4. Size Dimensions: The sheets come in a 2.75" width and a longer 16.5" length, offering an extended abrasive surface for sanding larger areas effectively.

  5. Versatile Grit Options: Typically available in various grit options, such as fine, medium, or coarse, allowing users to select the appropriate level of abrasiveness for different stages of sanding.

These abrasive sheets are useful for tasks such as smoothing surfaces, removing imperfections, and preparing them for painting or finishing. Selecting the right grit and following proper sanding techniques will help achieve the desired results, ensuring a smooth and uniform surface finish.

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