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3P 6" Flexi Film Velcro Sandpaper Disc, 50/Box

3P 6" Flexi Film Velcro Sandpaper Disc, 50/Box

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The 3P 6" Flexi Film Velcro Sandpaper Discs come in a box containing 50 individual discs, specifically designed for sanding applications. These discs are engineered with a flexible film construction and a velcro backing system for efficient and convenient use with compatible sanders.

Key features of the 3P 6" Flexi Film Velcro Sandpaper Discs include:

  1. Flexible Film Construction: The sandpaper discs are crafted from a flexible and durable film material, which allows for better conformity to various surfaces. This flexibility aids in achieving a smoother and more consistent finish.

  2. Velcro Backing System: These discs are equipped with a velcro backing system, enabling quick and easy attachment to sanding machines with velcro-compatible pads. This feature allows for swift disc changes and secure attachment during sanding tasks.

  3. Multiple Discs in a Box: The product comes in a box containing 50 sandpaper discs, ensuring an ample supply for extended use across various projects.

  4. Versatile Grit Options: The discs likely come in various grit options (such as fine, medium, or coarse), providing versatility for different sanding needs and allowing users to progress from rough to fine sanding stages.

  5. Compatibility: Suitable for use on different materials, including wood, metal, plastics, and other surfaces commonly encountered in woodworking, automotive, or DIY projects.

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